Discover the origin

A life linked to the cultivation of the vine

For generations, we have seen our vineyards grow based on sun, water, effort and always pampering each cluster to get the best grape seed extract for our products.

Today, we have transformed the strength of nature that we know and love into a unique range of antioxidant cosmetics, under the company Antiox 1988 SL and our brand SILVIMARA, whose products contain grape seed extract called polyphenols.

Born from our experience, SILVIMARA redirects the antioxidant capacity of this grape seed extract to offer our range of products, which help you to care, protect and slow down the aging of your skin.

Ingredients controlled from the origin

SILVIMARA antioxidant cosmetics is made directly from polyphenols, extract from the seeds of the grape that we cultivate in our vineyards.

We work this grape seed extract to obtain polyphenols rich in antioxidants that we use in all SILVIMARA products.

Only in this way we ensure that they maintain their natural characteristics and effectiveness.

A range inspired by the antioxidant strength of polyphenols

The range of SILVIMARA products combines the natural effectiveness of polyphenols, grape seed extract, with highly effective ingredients of natural origin, selected for the benefits they can bring to your skin.

SILVIMARA formulations have been dermatologically tested so that you can enjoy their effectiveness safely. Soft textures, discreet and pleasant aromas, that blend with your skin in a daily ritual of care and pleasure thanks to the quality of the grape seed extract that we use in our production process.

For its high component in antioxidants, these products must be used from 30 years old, when the skin presents or begins to show visible signs of aging.