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Cosmetics derived from grape, with antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties

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Get a radiant skin with cosmetics SILVIMARA.

Why choose Silvimara

Antioxidant cosmetics

SILVIMARA products are antioxidant cosmetics, which not only guarantee the daily care required by the skin, but also help to prevent premature aging, offering greater care of it, our protective barrier against external agents (contamination, excessive exposure to the sun, stress, among others).

Experience in the viticulture sector

For generations, our family has been linked to the viticulture sector. In 2015 ANTIOX 1988 SL was born because the powerful antioxidant effect of the grape directed us to create a line of cosmetics from polyphenols extracted from their seeds. Today, under this company, we can enjoy the SILVIMARA brand, 100% specialized in the grape sector.

Natural and powerful antioxidants

SILVIMARA products contain polyphenols extracted from the seeds of the grape, which are the most powerful natural antioxidants known.

Without parabens

Among the preservatives used in SILVIMARA products, NO parabens are found.

Not tested on animals

None of the SILVIMARA products has been tested on animals.

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